10 films influenced by the Matrix»

On October 14, exactly 20 years ago, the first part of the Matrix trilogy was released. To say that it is a masterpiece with a capital letter means to say nothing! Naturally, such pictures, sooner or later, give rise to “clones” or plagiarism, the creators of which were influenced by the film of the Wachowski brothers.

Existence (1999)

It is difficult to answer the question-who has adopted the idea of introducing computer games through the reality of events. Canadian Director David Cronenberg released his film at the same time as the Wachowski brothers, however, the similarity in the main storyline is clearly visible. Let the fantastic algorithm is registered not so abruptly, as in “Matrix”. But the General points can be highlighted. The same connector on the body clearly indicates a repeat. Plus the intersection of the virtual and present worlds-where did this happen before? Nowhere. Although inspiration for his paintings no one forbids to draw from other authors. The main thing is that it was exciting and kept the tension until the very end.

Equilibrium (2002)

The cult of “the Matrix” was continued. Borrowing various kinds of special effects, shooting with two hands, beautiful choreography and, of course, indispensable attributes of tough guys in leather black raincoats. All this is fully present in “equilibrium”, where the place of Keanu Reeves took the rising actor Christian bale. The successful combination of fiction with action allowed the picture to become one with the notorious films on the theme of virtual reality. And the number of bullets fired exceeds the creation of Wachowski. A virtuoso swordsmanship is generally unsurpassed spectacle. The ninja nervously smoke in the sidelines.

Surrogates (2009)

“Matrix” as the primary source has generated a lot of plagiarism and outright imitations on the topic of creating humanoid beings capable of performing certain functions for people. For example, go to the supermarket or to work. And the owner is lying on the couch and watching TV. Convenient and practical. This is the world of the near future, where surrogates play the role of robot servants. However, there is a minus. Someone did not like the idea of “cloning” and the invisible killer begins to shoot the carriers of human flesh and mind. In General, it turned out to be an effective fantasy Thriller with Bruce Willis in the lead role. Not too clever though…

The beginning (2010)

There are doubts that the original idea of the script belongs to Christopher Nolan, as the idea of creating this plot has long matured. However, the similarity to the face. Almost every frame feels the breath of the “Matrix”. A mass of tangles where reality intersects with fiction and back again. At the moment, it is difficult to say who took over from whom-Nolan from Wachowski or Vice versa. The story of the Chosen one turns on the tongue, so visible is the parallel. But the implementation of the plan took place, the actor’s ensemble performed its work flawlessly and the “Beginning” came out the way it was originally conceived.

Metropolis (2010)

The world around us, to which people are accustomed, is multifaceted and has the properties of stratification. Such is the specificity of the dystopian genre, most films adhere to such a norm. Not necessarily in parallel reality. And it is within one that there is another world, hidden from view. Something like that the viewer could see in “Fight club” where the character of brad pitt had been in his own world, but in reality was a split personality. And if to consider more deeply, in other plane.

It also shows an ordinary day of a simple man, for whom everything changes with the appearance of a strange girl. When he hears an inner voice saying that everything is not perfect and Europe is not what people see.

Source code (2010)

In “the Matrix” to know the truth, Neo was lucky just a matter of days. He was chosen, he was told, he believed and took for granted. The “Source code” is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Captain Coulter Stevens is forced to Wake up in the body of another man every 10 minutes and find an explosive device to save hundreds of lives in a speeding train. And until the task is completed, he will die with the rest of the passengers and return again at the same time. That’s how the pilot program he agreed to participate in works.

Overall, the idea is unique. The Director, the son of singer David Bowie, showed the technology of the future, where you can create a kind of teleport and subconsciously inhabit another person to prevent a terrible catastrophe. Can in soon so and will happen, who knows…

The adjustment Bureau (2011)

One day the Ouroboros would bite its own tail. The novel “Changing reality” is written by the master of fiction Philip K. Dick, whose fans were the Wachowski brothers.

This film adaptation is made exactly according to plan. The main character learns that every movement on the planet-a clear calculation for a given algorithm, and its work is monitored by the so-called Spotters. A team of black-robed men who looked like agents Smiths, only in hats and coats. The only difference is that the change in reality is not as noticeable and sharp as in the rest of the pictures on this topic.

The Zero Theorem (2013)

The main antagonist of modern “engineering” Terry Gilliam clearly wanted to create his canvas, surpassing the original source. His penultimate work proves that the race for technological supremacy can lead to the loss of one’s own face if one gets too carried away in the virtual world.

That’s what happened to Cohen in the Summer, the computer genius. Wandering the Internet, he had missed something important, a small part of himself. And now his task is to find the lost, traveling through the labyrinths of cyberspace. And if inside the network world there are hiding places of the human soul, it can stay there forever. This is the main meaning of the picture.

The signal (2014)

Fantastic Thriller, missed by many viewers because of its non-standard approach to the plot of parallel reality. And so, what is meant: server blocks, hackers, a changed world, where the main characters get, finding an abandoned hut in the deep forest. A subtle hint that the world around is not the one familiar to the human eye. And you do not need to draw abstract lines to understand-the versatility is wider than it really is. The terrible truth will be revealed when a terrible nightmare breaks into life, and there is no turning back.

Not without a hint of extraterrestrial intervention. As if to make it clear that people are not alone in the Universe, its vastness is limitless. Where the usual system once collapses, bending under itself everyday dogmas.

Excellence (2014)

Sometimes this happens when assistants try to create a new story, written off from the old, and eventually the output turns out to be blatant plagiarism. So did Christopher Nolan’s cameraman, inspired by his painting ” the Beginning.” The result was a mixture of incomprehensible revelation, despite a good idea in General.

Will Custer dreams of creating an ideal machine that can absorb all the knowledge, experience and history of mankind. Some kind of computer archive in one place. However, after an unexpected death, will is reborn in cyberspace. Seeing all the power and strength, he loses control of himself and now he is driven by a thirst for power.

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