5 reasons why a cruise is better than any other vacation

On a cruise, you can start every day in a new country and watch sunsets in the middle of the ocean.

Cruise is a trip by sea on a comfortable liner. There is no pitching on such a ship, so even those who are cradled in a car can tolerate swimming well. Sea cruises seem to be something luxurious.

It immediately seems like ladies in evening dresses and gentlemen with cigars are walking on board the liner. But these are all films of the last century. Now a cruise can be much more profitable than a regular trip with the same route. The main thing is to choose the tour wisely.

We tell you why you should go on a sea cruise and where you can go.

1. You can see many countries in one trip

Almost every day, a cruise ship calls at the ports of different cities and countries. Passengers walk, get acquainted with the local culture. The next day, a new port with a different language and surroundings. Travelers who count “their” places on the map can replenish a collection of countries in one week.

2. The journey takes place in comfort

Usually moving from one country to another is a troublesome business. It is necessary to build a route, find transport, stand in line and pass checks at the airport. But not in the case of a sea cruise. All the way you live in a comfortable cabin, sleep in a comfortable bed and have dinner in a restaurant. Meanwhile, you move hundreds of kilometers.

3. On board there is a water park, spa and another million entertainment

On board the ship you can take a dip in the pool, ride a roller coaster at the water park, relax in the spa or watch a show in the theater. On Meraviglia class liners you can see Cirque du Soleil performances. Try to hit the jackpot at the casino or learn something new at the master classes. Children and adolescents can hack into a console, go in for sports or creativity in special clubs, and dance at discos.

4. You do not spend money on a trip

There is no need to save money on a sea cruise: if a child asks for a water park every day, and you want to see the play, then you can afford it. All expenses are already included in the tour price: transport, accommodation, meals, entertainment. And usually food on board the liner is a restaurant with a buffet and cuisine from around the world, which operates 20 hours a day!

5. You can find out everything interesting, speaking only in your own language

In many tours, there are accompanying passengers on board the ship and in ports. Even if you do not know the local language at all, you can fully travel, go on excursions, ask questions about the cruise and countries. But if, on the contrary, you want to practice your language, you can chat with people from different countries.

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