7 life hacks to help you survive the long flight

Traveling is always an important event, especially if you have to cross the ocean. A long flight can be a difficult test. And it may bring pleasure – it all depends on how you prepare for it. We tell you how to optimally plan your trip across the ocean, thousands of kilometers and seven time zones to get out of the American airport in a good mood.

1. Choose a connecting flight

A direct flight from Moscow to New York is at least nine hours on the road, and after such a long flight it is difficult to be awake. Give yourself the opportunity to relax a bit – choose the option with a transfer in one of the European capitals.

Even if the interval between flights is short, you can at least stretch your numb muscles at the airport. This is especially important if you are traveling with children or older people: such passengers are not easy to take long flights.

Yes, in this case, your trip will be several hours longer than with the direct route, but you can take a break. And it’s unlikely to overpay: such flights are comparable in price to direct flights, and often even cheaper than them.

2. Minimize the risk of jet lag

Changing several time zones is a big burden on the body. After the flight, especially the transatlantic, you will definitely want to sleep if you do not rest on the way. Without special preparation, your body will be confused day by night for a few more days.

The most common advice is to go to bed for an hour or two later three days in a row before flying to the West. This helps the body gradually get used to the new time zone. We also recommend that you change the clock on all your devices to a new time during the flight. And if you arrive in the afternoon, try to sleep on the plane so as not to collapse into bed before dinner. Go to bed when it’s late evening in your new time zone.

3. Take care of a convenient place

Ideal if you are flying in business or first class. But in the economy it can be comfortable – you just need to know the place.

If you are not a fan of watching the entire flight through the window, it is better to sit down at the aisle. So it will be more convenient for you to get up, and you can also stretch your legs: you will want to do this more than once during a long flight.

If possible, try to take seats at the emergency exit: there will be more legroom. You can choose these places when registering online. So, if you fly on a Boeing 767, they will be on the 20th row, if on the 330th Airbus model, then on the 28th. In the aircraft diagram, they are designated as exit row.

4. Dress correctly

Ahead you have a few hours in a state of very limited mobility. Dress in flight so that nothing fetters your body: discard tight jeans and uncomfortable shoes. The best option is cotton pants, a T-shirt and a warm sweater or a tight cardigan that will be easy to take off. And if it’s still cool on board, you can always ask for a blanket.

During the flight, your clothes may wrinkle heavily due to a seat belt or uncomfortable posture. If you do not have the opportunity immediately upon arrival to change your outfit to clean and ironed, it is better to prefer something from a non-wrinkled fabric.

5. Take snacks and water with you

During transatlantic flights, as well as on any flights for more than six hours, you will be twice offered hot food and drinks. If you are sure that you will have increased appetite along the way, stock up on snacks before you arrive at the airport. Grab and pack candies just in case: they will help you cope with motion sickness. And this is not a myth: due to pressure drops during take-off and landing, your ears may be blocked, and active swallowing and chewing movements can help correct the situation.

If you want to drink, you can always ask the flight attendant to bring you a glass of water.

6. Take care of entertainment on board

You will definitely bring a smartphone with you, and your backpack will most likely have a tablet or laptop. Do not forget to grab the noise canceling headphones and powerbank so that your gadgets work during the entire flight.

We didn’t have time to upload new films – it doesn’t matter: music and movies will definitely be on board. On long-haul flights, there are built-in multimedia systems, including with the latest movie innovations.

In flight, it is better to find time to sleep, but if you plan instead to work or communicate in instant messengers, you can use the Internet on board for an additional fee. But not all carriers have the technical ability for such a service.

7. Get moving!

Even after a long flight, you can feel awake if you often get up from your seat and straighten stiff limbs.

Do simple gymnastics for which you do not need a lot of space: stand on tiptoe, stretch, stretch your neck. So you will not only relieve muscle tension, but also help your vessels, which are experiencing additional stress due to pressure drops.

By the way, if you know for sure that you have problems with the vessels, consult a doctor before flying. Perhaps he will recommend that you take on board compression stockings. They will improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of leg swelling.

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